# 2

25.2.2015 / 19:00 / Zürich

Artist as Curator or Why Curators do not make art?

The art world of the 1960s was in the hands of art criticism and theory (Clement Greenberg), but that increasingly gained in the course of the following decades and the curators opinion became more influence. At the same time the roles have largely been softened or new conceptions has established itself: all can be anything. Artists can be collectors, gallery owner become to museum directors, artists are curators, collectors are curators, critics are also collectors, curator is now more an art manager.

Artist think they know, how they want to be treated and organize exhibitions, how they would like it.

An exhibition is only one possible result of curating.

And don’t forget the fun factor!

smallkitchen2From left to right: Pablo Müller (art critic), Bettina Diel (artist), Jan Hostettler (artist, founder TomBola), Bettina Carl (artist, curator), Sébastien Peter (curator, founder Sonnenstube), Margit Säde (curator), Mirjam Bayerdörfer (founder Neuer Kunstverein Saarbrücken, assistant Curating ZhdK), invited by Patricia Bianchi (curator).