# 3

28.03.2015 / 12:00 / Bienne

Collaborations between swiss offspaces

Switzerland offers an incredibly dense and rich off scene, with independent art spaces proposing high quality programs on the whole national territory. In the last years, several projects have been developed with the aim of bringing together this various realities and defend common interests, some of which were quite successful. Nonetheless, the Swiss off scene still acts as a fragmented reality, mostly gravitating around some cultural poles, such as Bern, Zurich, Lausanne, Geneva and Basel. Many initiatives promoting encounters between offspaces have been developed in the last years, but they rarely cross the borders between linguistic regions. Collaborations are also diffuses, but generally they are limited to a specific network of friends.
Lot of projects are ephemeral, sometime existing for a very short time. Does it make sense and is it possible to create a reliable and consistent network of independent art projects?
Should offoff be reactivated? Should a new concept of national collaboration be developed?
Small informal collaborations are sometimes extremely effective and inspiring!

2015-03-28 14.37.59From left to right: Marta Margnetti (artist, curator, founder Sonnenstube), Emilie Guenat (artist, curator), Chri Frautschi (artist, curator, founder Lokal Int), Thomas König (artist, curator, member of Rats collective), Patricia Bianchi (independent curator), Kate Whitebread (independent curator, member of the board Visarte Bern), Léonie Vanay (artist, curator, founder Urgent Paradise) Invited by Sébastien Peter (curator, founder Sonnenstube).