31.07.2015 / 20:00 / Saint Ursanne

Multidisciplinary projects: new structures and strategies

In contemporary art production, the medium specificity is disappearing in favor of open, often collaborative, platforms in which different art fields are integrated, as for instance music, design, visual arts and literature. If on one side these hybridity is creating interesting way of experimentation and breaking boundaries between disciplines, transversal cultural structures, such as interdisciplinary art spaces or museums, remain relatively rare. Moreover, the public foundations and other cultural supporter often are not designed to dialogue with transdisciplinary cultural practice.

2015-07-31 21.23.48

Pascale Utz (dancer and choreographer), Leo Rebetez (visual artist et graphic designer), Nina Haab (visual artist), Stefano de Ponti (musician), Vera Trachsel (visual artist), Laure Jolissaint (visual artist), Marta Margnetti (visual artist), Guillaumarc Froidevauxand (theater actor), Zuzana Kakalikova (theater actor,choreographer and dancer), Emille Eger (theater actor and dancer), Arnaud Chappuis (visual artist, founder of FAC), Noémie Merçai (founder FAC), Patricia Bianchi (independent curator), invited by Sebastien Peter (independent curator).